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  • Patricia Simpson


As Summer beckons, many of us will engage in some form of travel. Be sure that you are a courteous and respectful traveler.

Don't be an aggressive road hog. If you are using a cell phone in the car, have a hands-free device...and even then, when in traffic, hang up and concentrate on the road! Always use your signal to turn or change lanes. While you may have the right of way, take the 'high road' (so to speak) and be gracious to others who need to enter your driving lane (and, if you're the recipient of someone's proper etiquette, be sure to express your appreciation with a smile and a wave of the hand!).

Pedestrians in the road have the right-of-way, but should only cross driving roads at marked intersections or when there is no traffic. Bicyclists and motorcyclists are technically required to follow the same rules as cars.

When flying, be sure to board quickly and carry your luggage in front of you. Even though it's an inconvenience (and more costly) to you, be a respectful traveler and check bulky luggage...and if you have two carry-ons, one MUST go under your feet. While some travelers love meeting new people on flights, give people around you their space if they put on headphones or otherwise look unengaged.

Even if you've flown hundreds of times, listen to the safety rules and follow all requests from flight attendants and pilots (even if you don't agree)...and stay quiet so others can do so as well. This allows everyone to have a more pleasant flying experience.

Flights are getting more and more cramped, so always allow the passenger in the middle seat to have both arm rests and do not recline your seat unless you have asked permission first. Finally, as you disembark, be sure to thank the flight attendants and pilots!

Happy travels!

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